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Copper Sulfate
Copper Sulfate
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Specification of Copper Sulfate

Sell ​​Copper Sulfate Powder or Sell copper sulfate.

PT KIMPO INDOTAMA is a service provider company and also a water treatment contractor services such as water treatment plant (WTP) and waste water treatment plant (WWTP), water filter media, distributor of laboratory equipment, as well as agitator mixer machines or stirring machines and water pumping machines . As a specialist of water treatment plants, we also provide a variety of industrial chemicals, one of which is selling copper sulfate or selling copper sulfate powder.

Copper sulfate powder is a copper sulfate powder. Copper Sulfate powder or copper sulfate is an inorganic compound that combines sulfur with copper. Cooper Sulfate has a crystal blue color. Cooper Sulfate or copper sulfate is commonly used as a herbicide to control interference from aquatic plants and plant roots in waterways or pipes that contain water. Cooper Sulfate is also widely used for swimming pools. For aqueous solutions of cooper sulfate or copper sulfate commonly used as a treatment of fish in the aquarium from parasitic infections, and is used to remove snails from the aquarium.

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