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Potassium Hydroxide
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Specification of Potassium Hydroxide

Selling potassium hydroxide


PT KIMPO INDOTAMA is a service provider company and also a water treatment contractor service such as water treatment plant (WTP) and waste water treatment plant (WWTP), water filter media, distributor of laboratory equipment, as well as agitator mixer machines and water pumping machines. One of the industrial chemicals that we normally distribute is potassium. The potassium that we sell is like potassium chloride and Potassium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide is also known as potassium hydroxide.


Potassium Hydroxide or potassium hydroxide is an organic chemical compound that is classified as a strong base and is commonly used widely in the chemical industry. Some chemical industries that utilize potassium hydroxide are fertilizer industry, phosphate industry, agrochemical industry, even to the textile industry. Potassium hydroxide is also commonly used in the production of soap for blanching ingredients.


Potassium Hydroxide Specifications:


Appearance White Flakes,

KOH 90.05 min.

K2CO3 0.5% max.

CLORIDE (CL) 0.005% max

Fe 0.0005% max

Sulfate (SO42-) 0.005% max

Nitrate & Nitrite (N) 0.0005% max.

Na 0.8% max.

Phosphate (PO4) 0.005% max.

Silica (SiO3) 0.01% max.

Al 0.002% max

Ca 0.005% max

This is 0.0005% max

Heavy Metal (Pb) 0.002% max.

We serve the purchase of potassium hydroxide for all regions of Indonesia


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