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Spesialisasi Water Treatment Clarifier Lamella "KMP"
Spesialisasi Water Treatment Clarifier Lamella "KMP"
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Specification of Spesialisasi Water Treatment Clarifier Lamella "KMP"

Lamela Clarifier is a water treatment process that features a rack of inclined metal plates, which cause flocculated material to precipitate from water that flows across the plate Inclined plate settlers or lamellaR clarifiers are primarily used in the water, and wastewater treatment industries to separate solids from liquids in effluent streams. The clarifier is the third step in what is usually a four step process for water and wastewater treatment. In wastewater treatment the four main steps are collection and homogenization of effluent, pH adjustment, clarification, and sludge dewatering Conventional clarification equipment requires a much larger surface footprint in order to match the solids removal capacity of a lamella clarifierR. This is accomplished because the effective gravity settling area of the inclined plate design is proportional to the total surface area of the inclined plate rack. Loading rates normally used for the design of conventional settlers can be applied to the sizing of a Lamella clarifier/ settler by substituting projected area for the surface settling area of a conventional clarifier The compact design essentially eliminates any hydraulic disturbances caused by wind or temperature changes that may be problematic with conventional clarifiers located outdoors. Balanced flowdistribution ensures equal flow to each plate and across the plate surface area, preventing short-circuiting.Units and plate packs arrive at the job site factory assembled which reduces installation time and lowers installed costs. Minimal moving parts means low maintenance costs

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