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Flocculator Velp
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Specification of Flocculator Velp

Flocculator Velp

Type JLT6, with 6 places for jar test and leaching test. Epoxy painted steel structure, rear lighting ( on/ off) , setteable height of stirring rods with self-locking device, DC gear motor, setting of speed by microprocessor and visualization of speed by LCD display from 10 to 300 rpm. With selection of 1 rpm/ electronic timer with two scales ; 0+ 999 minutes .

Possibility of continuos operation automatic turning off warned by a beeper at the end of set time

Type FC6S

- Epoxy painted metal structure,

- Discontinuos lighted back panel ,

- Stainless steel stirring rods adjustable in height by a self blocking chuck

- DC gear motor for each stirrer

- Individual speed selector

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