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Cureo TS 25 Liters
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Specification of Cureo TS 25 Liters

PT KIMPO INDOTAMA is a water treatment service provider company such as water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants, water filter media, laboratory equipment distributors, agitator mixer machines and pump machines. One of the industrial chemicals for solvents we provide is Cureo Ts 25 Liters.

Tsunami Cureo (RPA) is a chemical that functions for solvents. Cureo Ts is a Rubber Peptizing Agent product which is usually found and used for rubber factories.

* Specifications:

Appearance: Liquid,

Odour: Mercaptan Odour

Color: Colorless

Active Substance: Mercaptan

Specific Gravity: 0.90

Vapor Pressure: Negligible

Solubility In Water: Insoluble.

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